The success of the casino roulette legislation

Lawmakers Turn up for the Vote Despite COVID-19 Delegates and Senators turned up in force earing masks and keeping distance. Commenting on the success of the casino roulette legislation, Senator Todd Pillion drew attention to the wide support for the legislation. Here is what Sen. Pillion had to say in a statement:
With the governor’s amendmentsagreed to on a broad bipartisan basis, the General Assembly took its final stepto pass legislation that allows casino projects in Virginia.
He emphasized that the vote on Wednesday was anopportunity for lawmakers to fulfil one of their key priorities, i.e. findfunding for school construction. According to Terry Kilgore, a House Delegate,establishing a casino in Bristol could help jump-start a moribund economy inthe region.
Southwest Virginia would be able to move forward, Del.Kilgore estimates, should a casino be set up in the area. City Manager RandyEads also said that yesterday’s vote was a historic vote, allowing forthe economy of Bristol to move forward and offer fiscal relief to strugglinglocal communities.
It would be an opportunity for residents of Bristol to“control their own destiny,” Eads noted cited by the Bristol Herald Courier.
Casino Projects and Business Appetites Already, prominent operators have shown interest in setting up Bristol’s first casino. Hard Rock International has said that the company would back a project by Jim McGlothlin and Clyde Stacy, local business leaders looking to develop a casino and hotel resort on Gate City Highway where the Bristol Mall property now stands.
Both Stacy and McGlothlin were pleasedwith the outcome. However, their bid is not a sure-deal still. The city willlook for other operators apart from Hard Rock and all proposals should besubmitted to the city manager by May 8. The City Council will also haveto sit and decide whether the operators and local business partners are qualifiedto develop a project of the scale Bristol needs.
Eads himself admitted that launching the casinoproject would help Bristol get thousands of jobs and leading to a morediversified economy. The casino and resort would lead to additional types ofbusinesses choosing Bristol, he continued.
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The Operators Respond on the Claims by the UnionThe operators in Mississippi did not stand by and quickly answered the claims by the union. Statement, released on Wednesday by the IP Casino reads: “We remain committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for every guest and team member.“
The operator added that it continues to enforce the health and safety measures that meet or exceed the requirements of federal, state and local health officials. Among those measures, the IP Casino enforces strict social distancing, frequent cleaning on high-traffic areas and surfaces. Furthermore, the operator said that temperature screenings are conducted and face coverings are mandatory.
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